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At A Glance

Dana A. Nottingham is an independent leadership, management and urban development consultant that provides services in the following services:


  • Leadership advisory and consulting

  • Leadership and executive coaching 

  • Leadership workshops and training 


Provide programming that will inspire leadership greatness and help leaders achieve the traction, acceleration, and lift needed to achieve individual and leadership success.


Build lasting partnerships that will accelerate making a tangible difference: advancing leadership development in the home, school, workplace and community; and transforming community life.


Harness leadership experience and lessons from many sources in order to: support public, private, and non-profit leaders; as well as provide learning experiences that inspire and prepare emerging leaders.


  • Out-sourced, hands-on, experienced leadership committed to your mission 

  • Network of advisor specialists available to deliver the problem-solving and solutions needed

  • Reset / expedite implementation focus and forge stronger public/private partnerships


  • Individual career and/or problem-solving support on a case by case basis

  • Strategic facilitation support to promote team building and improved performance

  • Customized leadership-focused motivational speaking and presentations


  • Customized workshops, seminars and off-site meeting solutions for leaders and their teams

  • Customized workshop experiences for emerging community, college and high school leaders

  • Learning experiences to inspire and mobilize focus on individual and leadership excellence


We work with government, business, non-profit and community organizations with a shared commitment to:


  • Help experienced and emerging leaders increase their effectiveness and impact

  • Create forums for cross-community dialogue, experience sharing, and training

  • Provide education innovation that will inspire, guide and prepare future generations


  • Experienced leaders with specific organizational challenges and opportunities

  • Public and private leaders desiring to forge stronger stakeholder partnerships

  • Managers and early career professionals desiring to sharpen leadership skills

  • Emerging college / high school leaders exploring purpose, goals and potential

Workshop Focus

(Experienced Leaders)

  • Centered leadership

  • Increase leadership impact

  • Align vision, strategy and execution

  • Reset culture, organization and team

  • Outcomes, performance and breakthrough focus

  • Overcoming fragmentation and gaps

Workshop Focus

(Emerging Leaders)

  • Connecting within

  • Leading teams

  • Leading communities

  • Simulation and role-play

  • Real-life case study

  • Success mapping and goal setting

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