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Inspire collaboration around vision, mission, and mandate


Align vision, strategy and execution around achievable targets


Address feasibility, breakthroughs, critical path and accountability


Establish structure; leverage know-how, relationships, and resources


Increase traction and achieve lift with strategy, organization, action and results.

Feasibility & Program Development

Leadership & Organization

Vision & Strategic Analysis

  • Clarify mission, vision, mandate and objectives

  • Confirm priority opportunities, future targets and measures

  • Assess existing vs. future requirements and expectations

  • Complete organizational assessment and “gap analysis”

  • Establish implementation plan to reset structure, reporting and process

  • Support implementation and re-alignment of culture, organization and team

  • Goal setting and targeting outcomes

  • Formulate mandate and opportunity statement

  • Coordinate visioning, strategy and program analysis

  • Scenario testing and cost benefit analyses

  • Reset implementation and project delivery focus

  • Define project scope and implementation requirements

  • Conduct market, program and feasibility analyses

  • Evaluate, structure and enable public/private partnerships

  • Community, consensus building and media facilitation

Program Oversight & Project Management

  • Program and project management execution

  • Direct redevelopment planning and implementation

  • Navigate public process and approvals

  • Community engagement and facilitation 

Executive Coaching


Assess the basics; re-set goals, priorities, strengths, measures and expectations; identify the gaps and dis-connects that matter most; and establish an action plan including on-going support to hit targets.


  • Who am I? Where am I?

  • Where do I want to go?

  • How do I get there?

  • How do we get there together? 

Team Performance


Assess team’s untapped potential; identify and address factors that constrain trust, communications, accountability and performance; and establish a constructive forum for sustained focus on breakthroughs.


  • Culture:

  • Organization:

  • Team:

  • Leaders: 

Understanding culture and organization

Identify knowing-doing gaps that matter

Address accountability and team performance

Foster facilitative leading, coaching and connecting 

Organizational Development


Confirm mission, vision & mandate; collectively envision future possibilities, targets and measures; and structure an organizational response that aligns culture, organization, strategies and teams.


  • Understand existing outcomes

  • Target future outcomes

  • Evaluate what’s probable

  • Valuate what’s feasible

  • Establish organizational response

  • Comprehensive plan and targeted solutions

  • Clarify roles, accountability, resources & measures

  • Confirm cross-functional plan to deliver predictable results

  • Phase and fast-track what’s do-able 

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