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Emerging Leaders

Community Stakeholders, College and High School


Maximize Your Highest Level of 

Leadership Potential and Impact!


Apply integrative, experiential, role-play and visual/media techniques to:


  • Inspire individual growth, academic achievement and leadership excellence

  • Illustrate how leaders apply their capabilities to rally people to a brighter future


  • Personal growth, goal setting and success mapping

  • Fundamentals of leading teams and communities

  • Fundamentals of economic and community development 

  • Critical thinking and communications skill development


  • Storytelling and self-expression

  • Case studies and leader profiles

  • Structured activities to engage discussion and learning

  • Real-life simulation and group role play

  • Individual goal setting and success mapping

Workshop Agenda

  • Part I: 

  • Part II: 

  • Part III: 

  • Part IV:

  • Part V:

  • Part VI:

Connect With The Leader Within

Leading Teams and Elevating Performance

Leading Community Revitalization (The Beaver Tale)

Interactive Group Learning Session (Role Playing)

Real Life Case Study (Economics/Community Building)

Success Mapping, Goal Setting & Strengths Building

High School Student
Workshop Feedback

How do you envision applying the new skills or knowledge you gained today to improve your work
or help your organizations?

  • • Adds future value in preparing    

  •   for college and life goals


  • • Helps with my future endeavors
      as an entrepreneur in non-profits


  • • Helpful insights in my work starting
      a committee at school


  • • Emphasizes the importance of

  •   personal conviction


  • • Helps me have a better understanding

  •   of why I want to do something


  • • Helps me apply clarity to parts of
      my life where I am confused


  • • Helpful tool to help youth get
      focused on goal setting


  • • Clarifies importance of an action
      plan and building on my strengths


  • • First step is to internally process;
      then institute in my summer program


  • • Emphasizes the importance of having     a plan, knowing strengths and 


  • • Helps my interactions with children

  •   about discussing future goals and

  •   current skills


  • • I have learned ways to think differently

  •   about life; become a better leader; and

  •   succeed

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