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Experienced Leaders

Government, Business, and Community Stakeholders


Increase Your Leadership Impact,

Team Performance and Bottom-line


  • Sharpen your leadership edge and impact based on practical lessons

  • Engage around leadership challenges that hold you back

  • Intensify your focus, close gaps and achieve breakthrough results

  • Reset how you lead, coach, mentor and inspire others

  • Address specific leadership challenges that hold you back

Workshop Agenda


  • Part I. Reset: 

  • Part II. Drilldown: 

  • Part III. Breakthrough: 

  • Part IV. Accelerate:

  • Part V. Soar:

Purpose Inspired and Centered Leadership

Aligning Organization, Strategy and Team

Increasing Breakthrough Focus and Accountability   

Close Critical Gaps and Measure What Matter Most

Align Strategy, Organization, Action and Results


  • Integrative and experiential learning

  • Storytelling and self-expression

  • Case studies and leader profiles

  • Structured activities to engage discussion and learning

  • Real-life simulation and group role-play

  • Individual goal setting and success mapping

Learning Gains

  • Increase leadership traction, acceleration and impact

  • Apply real-life lessons and techniques immediately

  • Clarify your leadership style and what works for you

  • Inspire purpose, outcomes and performance-driven leadership

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